Starting at $1775

Three Week to Five Week Programs

This program is designed for the more problematic dogs that require additional training due to the following factors:

Dog-to-Dog Aggression
Human Aggression
Food and/or Resource Guarding
Separation Anxiety
Severe Fear Issues
Reactivity On-Leash

This is the only package I offer for dogs that have attacked a person or other animal, bitten humans or other animals multiple times, has intense resource guarding, or intent to do harm (including fear-aggression). Please contact me so that we can discuss the severity of your dog’s aggression so to create a program fit for your dog. It can take a few days, or up to a week for an aggressive dog to begin to trust in leadership, rules, and boundaries–this starts by removing them from their environment and starting them on a fresh slate in a structured home, with a balanced pack. A Board and Train is the only way to truly change all of the variables to start reshaping your dog’s state of mind.

In addition to all of the basic skills and commands listed in the Two-Week Obedience Program, this program includes a 30-minute consultation on our starting day, a 2-hour follow-up at the end of the program where we will transfer all of the information, techniques, and strategies to you to insure continued success, and a final 1-hour follow-up one to two weeks later. Each dog receives a top-of-the-line Einstein E-Collar, as well as a prong/training collar.

Rates begin at $1775 for 3 weeks* with each additional week are $350 per week (Price includes e-collar).

*Depending on the severity of the issues, additional weeks may be required. This will be determined either after the consultation or early-on in the board and train process. Additional weeks are $350. Discounted rate available for 5 week program.