Happy Trails Pet Center offers a unique approach to your dog behavior needs. We realize that every parent is different and have their own personal needs for our services. Some need to use our daycare services because they work from home, or the weather is yucky and you need to get your dog tired, others may need our daycare services because they work from home. Some people only need to board with us from time to time because they have to go out of town for vacation, business trips, or family emergencies. And lastly, some need us to help establish boundaries, manners, and structure to their dogs life. Training is essential for all dogs to help both you and the dog have balance in the household. Structure to their day helps give them a job which keeps their mind focused on work instead of play. When dogs are working they get more exercise focusing on their good behavior that bad behavior becomes less of an issues. So if you need to help establish exercise, discipline, and structure to your dog’s life then Happy Trails Pet Center is the daycare you. Give us a call at (678)402-5025 to set up your evaluation day.